As a therapist, you understand the importance of consistency and presence in your practice. The same principle applies to your social media strategy.

Many therapists, especially during busy times like December, consider taking a break from posting on social media.

While this might seem like a good idea to manage workload, it can have unintended consequences for your long-term visibility and audience engagement.

Consistency really is key

Consistency in social media does more than just keep your audience engaged; it helps build and maintain a connection.

Your regular posts, insights, and interactions create a sense of reliability and trustworthiness.

When you stop posting, even for a short period, it disrupts this rhythm. Your audience might feel disconnected or overlooked, leading to a decline in engagement and potentially losing their interest.

Platforms favour active accounts

Social media platforms are designed to prioritise active accounts.

When you stop posting, your visibility in your followers’ feeds can decrease significantly. This means when you do start posting again, it might take longer to regain the same level of visibility and engagement you had before.

Regular activity keeps the platform on your side, ensuring your content reaches more people.

Your audience expects consistency

Your followers on social media look to you for consistent support, advice, and information.

By staying active, you’re fulfilling this expectation and reinforcing your role as a trusted source in your field.

Even during busy times, a well-thought-out post or a quick update can make a significant difference in how your audience perceives your dedication and commitment.

Practical tips for staying active over the holiday period

Plan ahead: Schedule your posts in advance. Tools like Metricool and Later can be incredibly helpful.
Quality over quantity: It’s better to post less frequently than to stop altogether. Focus on the quality of your content.
Repurpose content: Reuse your previous content that had good engagement. It’s efficient and maintains your presence.
Delegate if possible: Consider outsourcing your social media management during busier periods.

Here’s a full article on how to take a proper break from social media this Christmas without losing followers or stalling the momentum you’ve built throughout the year.