You've got questions? I have answers!

My focus is on helping clients with LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

£500 is the minimum package price I offer. If your budget won’t currently stretch to monthly social media management, check out The Empower Hour, The Audit, The Strategy and The Content Pack.

The minimum contract length for social media management packages is 3 months.

I accept payment via bank transfer, debit/credit card or direct debit.

Once you’ve signed up I’ll guide you through my onboarding process step-by-step so I have the access and information I need to manage your accounts.  

I can post a range of different content types, from curated news and quotes to branded graphics and holiday messages. If you have a service or product you want to promote, I can do that too! I’ll always follow your lead on the type of content you want your audience to see from you and we’ll cover this during our initial strategy call.

Yes! You will have access to a shared calendar and will be notified when new content is available for you to review. If you’d like any changes to be made you can let me know in advance of anything being posted.

What’s included in your social media management package will be tailored to your exact requirements and budget. It can include: 

  • Strategy creation
  • Hashtag research
  • Content creation – including graphics and copy
  • Scheduling & posting content
  • Proactive engagement with your target audience – engaging on other people’s posts
  • Reactive engagement – liking and replying to comments left on your posts
  • Community management – responding to DMs, notifying you when you need to respond to someone directly 
  • Monthly reports

How quickly you see results will depend on your goals, budget, and the strategy we implement. Organic social media can take time because quality and consistency are key in building awareness are key.

No, I would never make any guarantees  when it comes to sales numbers – no good social media manager would! The number of conversions or sales you achieve depends on many factors I can’t control, such as your service/product, other marketing efforts, website, audience, pricing etc. 

The core focus of organic social media is usually brand awareness, putting it in the awareness stage of your marketing funnel. Using social media to generate brand awareness involves gaining the interest of your audience which can then can prompt a journey further down the funnel. 

I specialise in helping therapists with their social media but I will (and do) happily work with clients in other industries too. Book a free discovery call and we can discuss if I would be a good fit for your business.

Yes! I am insured through PolicyBee. 

Yes! My ICO number is ZA518958

Of course! If you have a specific question not covered here, please email me on [email protected], book a free discovery call, or DM me on any of my social channels.