So you have a Facebook page for your therapy business, now what?

You know you need to ‘show up’ on social media but it’s hard to know just how often you should be posting to make the most of being on the platform.

In this episode of Social in 60 Seconds, I answer the question, “How many times per day should I be posting to Facebook?”

It’s a simple question, and I give a simple answer in the video below. If you want a slightly more in depth explanation of Facebook posting frequency then keep reading!

What does the research say?

The key to posting on Facebook, as with all the other social media platforms, is being consistent. As such, this means that different people and businesses can see success with a variety of different strategies… and that’s why there’s so much conflicting information online!

A lot of marketers might tell you to post twice per day, but the information they’re basing that advice on is likely from research conducted by Hubspot that suggested this approach would benefit businesses with over 10,000 followers. The same researched showed that if you have fewer than 10,000 followers, posting twice per day resulted in 50% fewer clicks!

Facebook prioritises posts from friends and family and people’s feeds. You’d be forgiven for thinking this means you need to post more content in order to give your business a better chance of appearing in news feeds but it’s actually the exact opposite! Your organic reach will likely drop drastically for each additional post you put out throughout the day.

How often should you post to Facebook?

Unless you have something really important to say on Facebook, I recommend sticking to one post per day. This frequency is enough for you to stay at the forefront of people’s minds, generating interesting and nurturing that ever-important know, like and trust.

Post once per day to Facebook to avoid looking spammy and negatively affecting your organic reach – think quality over quantity. The good news is that 7 posts per week are a lot easy to manage than 14+ as some marketers might advise!

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How often do you post to Facebook? Will you be changing your approach now you know that consistency and quality are more important than quantity?

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