You know what?

There’s a whole lot of misinformation on running a business, which is why it’s easy to feel defeated when you’re doing everything “right” and still not getting results.

Before I learned how to be comfortable in my own skin online, I tried every guide and article I could find.

Expert #1 would say just show up consistently as if consistency is a magic bullet on its own, and Expert #2 would say post three times per day as if any of us have the energy for that!

Many therapists believe that waiting until everything is perfect and ironed out is the best way to market their business. They think they’ll feel more ready and confident when they achieve this elusive “perfect state”.

The harsh reality is – you’ll never reach that perfect state. And while waiting around, you’re actually preventing your practice from getting the traction it should!

You absolutely should not wait until everything is perfect to start showing up on social media.

Read on for some sneaky limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from making social media work for your practice, and how to overcome these stumbling blocks.

Limiting Belief #1: I Don’t Need Help

Do you pride yourself on being self-sufficient? Used to taking care of everything on your own? Then you can probably relate to this limiting belief.

Overcoming this belief begins with challenging it. Why do you think you need to go it alone? Is it a matter of budget, or do you believe you’re the most qualified to handle it?

Once you have the answers, imagine what it would be like to delegate these tasks. Would it make your work more efficient, less stressful, more comprehensive?

Give these thoughts some time to breathe. And when you’re ready, explore resources that could help lighten your load. For example, I have a blog post on choosing the right social media manager for you or check out this article on what you can expect to achieve with social media as a therapist

Limiting Belief #2 – I Have to Do X First

Sound familiar? “I’ll get to social media once I’ve got every other aspect of my practice perfected.”

Unfortunately, with this mindset, you’ll be stuck in an endless loop of to-dos. Is it truly necessary to absolutely perfect every area of your practice before you tackle social media?

Often, this belief is just a disguise for fear – fear of starting something new and unfamiliar. So why not tackle it head-on? Remember the things in business that scare you a bit are often those that bring the most growth.

To challenge this belief, start by treating social media like any other aspect of your business, not something that comes after “everything else.” It doesn’t have to exist in a silo – consider integrating it into your daily routines.

Limiting Belief #3: I won’t be able to do it

Imagine you’ve just read an exciting piece on how social media can boost the popularity of your practice. But almost instantly, a doubt creeps in – “I won’t be able to do it.”

This is another fear-based belief that crops up when we are about to tackle something new. To overcome it, visualise a time you tried something new that was initially intimidating – how did it turn out?

There are baby steps you can take to start your social media journey. Start by creating a LinkedIn profile for your practice or posting an introductory video about your services on Instagram.

Remember my story – I feared taking on social media when I started my virtual assistance business back in 2019, but I took the first step and it made a world of difference. Today, I’m helping others do the same.

Limiting Belief #4: I don’t have time

The belief that you don’t have time for social media is essentially saying it’s not a priority. But marketing your practice should be.

Turning this into your superpower means creating space in your schedule for it. Commit an hour per week to social media and see how it can radically change the visibility of your practice.

Here are some steps to get started:

  1. Create a content calendar – Planning your content in advance allows you to be efficient with your time.
  2. Batch Create – Set aside a specific time to create all your content for the week or month.
  3. Use Scheduling Tools – Tools like Metricool can auto-publish your posts, saving you time.

You’re making great progress!

It’s time to turn your limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs! If you find yourself procrastinating on social media, think about what may be holding you back. Write down 10 limiting beliefs, and don’t be afraid to see them on paper. 

We all have them, remember? It’s what you do with them that counts. 

Will you push through and keep going? You bet you will! 

Remember, you can always book a 60-minute Empower Hour with me to work through those blockers. Let’s get you feeling more confident!