LinkedIn allows you to post various types of content, but which (if any) post type performs the best for reach and engagement?

In this article I’ll be covering the 4 main post types on LinkedIn (text, image, video and document) and which one(s) might help you generate the most likes and comments.

For a quick answer, check out my Social in 60 Seconds video below, and if you want a more in-depth answer be sure to keep reading!

In 4th Place: The Image Post

An image post can be combined with text or just feature an image.

Here’s an example of one of my image posts:

Images are so popular on other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, that you might be surprised to hear that they tend to be the worst performing post type on LinkedIn!

In fact, average likes and comments across image posts tend to be significantly (and I mean up to 40%!) lower than the post type in our number 3 spot today. However – and this a BIG however – that they can’t be used well or that you shouldn’t be using them.

Posting an image can sometimes be seen as a ‘quick win’ just to get some content out. As a result, the quality of the post might be of a lower standard, hence fewer engagements overall.

When posting images and photos remember to back your message up with some text provided it makes sense to do so. Posting the odd standalone inspirational quote is fine but don’t overdo it – quality trumps quantity on social media in pretty much every case.

Images can be a great way to establish brand awareness through consistent graphics, colours and typography so sprinkle them throughout the month.

In 3rd Place: The Video Post

A video post can be combined with text or just feature the video itself.

Here’s an example of one of my video posts:

Video is HUGE on social media nowadays so you’d be forgiven for being surprised about it taking 3rd spot in this list! In reality, though, video is a bit of a mixed bag in the engagement stakes. Great for likes but less so for comments, videos tend to get fewer views but are still a really powerful tool in your LinkedIn arsenal.

Videos become especially useful on LinkedIn when it’s you getting in front of the camera. Just like images can help you solidify your brand presence on the platform, posting a video is a fantastic way to let everyone see the real person (and personality!) behind your LinkedIn profile.

To get the most out of your video on LinkedIn:

  • Upload it natively where possible, not a YouTube link
  • Keep it short – up to 90 seconds is perfect for LinkedIn but don’t sacrifice the quality just to stick to a strict time limit
  • Add subtitles – most people won’t want to watch you video with sound so adding subtitles will mean everyone can enjoy it!

2nd Place Goes To: The Text-Only Post

A text-only post can be combined with link or just feature the text itself.

Here’s an example of one of my text-only posts:

Previously the undisputed LinkedIn heavyweight, the humble text-only post finds itself in 2nd place on this list!

Consistently strong for likes, comments and views, you’ll definitely want to sprinkle this post-type liberally through your monthly social media schedule. You might think this would make for a boring feed but there’s no reason why you can’t inject some personality through emojis and engaging questions.

Here are my top tips for text-only posts:

  • Longer text only posts tend to perform best so don’t be afraid to use the 1300 characters LinkedIn gave ya!
  • Use as many emojis as make sense for you and your brand – I love an emoji so you’ll find plenty of them in my posts ?
  • The first 200 characters are prime real estate – after that people will need to click to read more so use this space wisely to grab people’s attention.

Taking the Top Spot: Document Posts


I know what you’re thinking but statistically document posts out-perform all other post types on LinkedIn.

Like, comment and views machines, document posts are those containing a PDF or presentation/SlideShare. You’ve probably seen plenty of SlideShares by now and it turns out that if you’re not using them you may well be missing out. (And yes, that includes me, guys!) So, next time your preparing your social media content plan for the month be sure to mix it up with a few slides to inform, amaze, and entertain your LinkedIn audience.

Here are my top tips for text-only posts:

  • Presentation style posts will likely perform better than simple PDF uploads.
  • Stick to between 5-10 slides for maximum effect.
  • Don’t pack in too much information – you want your slides to stand out and be easy to read. (You can always add more info in the body of the post.)

I’d love to know what mix of these 4 post types you use on LinkedIn and which ones tend to catch your eye the most. Let me know in the comments!

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