Welcome to the stage, Threads! The latest brainchild of Meta, aimed to take advantage of Twitter’s dwindling dominance in the conversational social sphere. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Samantha, not another platform!” But hear me out, this one might be worth a second glance.

Let’s get threading

Threads mirrors Twitter’s user experience but in a fresher, more minimalist layout. Think tweets but up to 500 characters long. You can also share photos and videos up to 5 minutes, providing ample room to share your thoughts, advice, and insights with potential clients.

Before you rush off to sign up (which you can do directly from your Instagram app by going to the main menu by the way!), it’s essential to understand what’s missing: polls, DMs, and our trusty hashtags. But don’t let that deter you – I see this as a chance for authentic engagement and a focus on quality content, something we all love!

How Threads could fit your practice

Now, I can already hear the wheels turning in your head: “Could this be a good fit for my practice?” Let’s explore that.

With Threads, you can provide bite-sized, valuable content to potential clients, sharing insights about therapy, tips, and discussing mental health trends. The limit of 500 characters ensures your messages are concise and easily digestible, perfect for the busy scroller.

Missing DMs and polls may seem like a setback, but it also eliminates clutter. Your content takes centre stage here, no distractions. As for hashtags, it gives us a chance to break free from hashtag-heavy culture and focus more on the message.

This app might just be the breath of fresh air your social media strategy needs. Imagine having a platform that complements your more detailed content on Instagram or your professional updates on LinkedIn. Threads could be that quick, insightful pit-stop for your followers in their daily social media journey.

Your Threads questions answered

1) Should I start using Threads straight away?

Unless you’re feeling too overwhelmed, I’d recommend carving out a little bit of your time to dive into Threads while it’s still shiny and new. Here’s why:

  • Set up is super simple because you can just use your Instagram login and it will pull across all your info for you
  • It’s really easy to use. If you’ve ever used Twitter, you’ll be able to use Threads.
  • Because it’s early days, you can quickly stake your claim.
  • The vibe is friendly and supportive.

2) What should I post on Threads?

No need to reinvent the wheel at this stage! Start with a warm hello, pose a few questions about Threads or about your followers themselves, and carry over those on-brand conversations you’re known for on other platforms. Or, add a personal touch to show off your personality as a business owner.

3) How many times a day should I be posting to Threads?

This one’s completely up to you because there’s no golden rule here just yet.

If you’ve got time, energy and ideas to spare then you can pretty much post as much as you like. If you’re swamped, a few well-crafted posts can spark meaningful engagement.

Just remember, don’t pour all your time into Threads and neglect other important areas of your business and life! 

Note: As exciting as the new opportunity is, being a first adopter of Threads is highly unlikely to make or break your business!

You’ve got this, and I’ve got your back

Remember, new platforms can seem daunting, but they’re just new opportunities waiting to be explored. Threads is no different. It’s got potential, and with a little guidance and a sprinkle of courage, you could be threading (it’s so new we don’t even know the proper terminology yet!) like a pro in no time.

If you’re intrigued by Threads and want to discuss how it could fit into your social media strategy, why not book a Power Hour with me? I’d be delighted to help you unravel Threads and stitch it seamlessly into your online presence. As always, I’m here to make social media simpler for you, so you can focus on your superpower – helping others.