An increasing number of therapists are having to – at least temporarily – take their practice online by offering online counselling sessions during the Covid-19 outbreak. If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend you read my previous article (Therapists: Safeguard your private practice during the coronavirus outbreak) where I talk about specific platforms/software and resources for transitioning to providing online counselling services. 

One of the main challenges for therapists when they start out with online counselling is getting comfortable and confident with the idea, and also being able to instil confidence in their clients by providing a secure and smooth process. 

With that in mind, here is a simple checklist that will take you from pre to post-session with ease and help you to avoid any stress or rushing about, technical issues or distractions. 


Start your preparation in the morning or night before.

  • Review your diary/schedule for the day ahead
  • Schedule the heating to come on
  • Charge your laptop and any backup devices, such as your mobile phone or tablet
  • Make sure your devices and anti-virus software are updated and/or not scheduled to update during your session times
  • Send out appointment links to your clients

Before the Session

Make sure you have everything ready on the day.

  • Gather any items you might need (see the separate list I’ve put together below)
  • Check the temperature and lighting in the room. 
  • Restart your laptop/computer 
  • Shut down or quit any programmes you don’t need during your session, such as Skype, Word, Dropbox etc.
  • Check your emails and messages and put your phone on silent so nothing will distract you during your session
  • Let everyone else in the office/house know not to disturb you. (You might also want to ensure they know not to go heavy on the internet use!)
  • Tend to your pets so they won’t distract you
  • Allow time to read your previous session notes


Items to have at hand during the session

  • Pen
  • Notepad
  • Diary
  • Client notes
  • Earphones/Headphones
  • External microphone
  • A glass of water
  • Tissues
  • Your glasses
  • Suitable cushions

I hope you find this checklist helpful, and if you did please don’t forget to share it with your network. 

Think there’s something I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments! 

Need Help?

In light of the current outbreak, I am offering FREE 15-minute calls to anyone who would like to discuss their business or processes. During this difficult time, I am happy to give free advice where I can and signpost to suitable resources where possible.

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  • Creating Processes and Procedures 
  • Document Creation and Editing
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  • ‘Techie’ Stuff
  • Finding Information and Researching
  • Data Entry
  • Making Calls and Writing Emails

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