What does it mean when you're trending on LinkedIn

What does ‘trending’ on LinkedIn mean?

Have you ever had a notification from LinkedIn like this one to tell you that your post is trending?

My post was trending for the #funny hashtag

And here’s what was so funny!

If so, you might be wondering what that means.

For a quick answer, check out my Social in 60 Seconds video below, and if you want a more in-depth answer be sure to keep reading!

What does ‘trending’ mean?

So what exactly does it mean to be ‘trending’ on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn uses a combination of algorithm and real people to scour posts containing hashtags on its platform that it deems to be popular, interesting and/or relevant – it’s getting more views than other posts containing that same hashtag. When it finds something it will assign it ‘trending’ status.

What are the benefits of trending on LinkedIn?

Aside from the feel-good factor of being congratulated for good content, trending offers up a couple of additional benefits.

LinkedIn will show your post to more people

Most social media platforms will serve content that is interesting and relevant to more people. When we hear the word ‘algorithm’ all it really means most of the time is the method a social network uses to decide what content is worth seeing and what isn’t. Boring content and ‘clickbait’ will be penalised, whereas the engaging and trustworthy stuff will be rewarded by showing up more regularly to more people.

Trending will help your posts to show up more regularly to more people.

Trending on LinkedIn makes you more visible to company page owners

If you have a company page on LinkedIn (here’s why you should), you’ve probably seen the occasional notification like this one inviting you to engage with a trending post. In this case, someone had posted something that the platform deemed popular, interesting or relevant about social media management.

This post was trending for being popular under the #socialmediamanagement hashtag

Here’s the post it was recommending I engage with (and I did!).

LinkedIn only offers up these suggestions to posts that are trending, and anyone who uses the company page (such as business owners, sales people, admins and VAs – you name it) will see the notification about YOUR post. They don’t need to be connected with you in any way, meaning that this additional reach and discoverability is free and surprising easy for the time being.

Does trending on LinkedIn result in increased engagement?

You might have heard from some that because trending on LinkedIn doesn’t make you sh*t hot property as often as it does on Instagram and Twitter that it’s not worth aiming for. While it’s true that LinkedIn’s trending feature is nowhere near as mature or impactful as that of the other, bigger, platforms… it’s not a competition. My question to them would be why would you NOT want your content to be served to more people?

It simply goes without saying that if your content is seen by more people it has a greater chance of increased engagement – that’s likes, comments, clicks and shares. It might not be earth-shattering (but sometimes it will be) but it will increase your visibility online and it will help you to make new connections and promote your brand to a wider audience.

In Summary

I hope I’ve convinced you that trending on LinkedIn is both worthwhile and cause for celebration when it happens. Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

A quick tip before I go: Use 3 hashtags on LinkedIn for the highest chance of trending.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever trended on LinkedIn and what it was for. Did you see an increase in engagement and/or did it give you that warm, fuzzy feeling like only a good LinkedIn notification can?

I’d love to know what mix of these 4 post types you use on LinkedIn and which ones tend to catch your eye the most. Let me know in the comments!

And if you found this article useful please don’t forget to share it and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments 🙂

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