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Training & Workshops

If you’re not ready to hand over your channels yet, I can teach you how to manage them.

Sometimes Google just doesn’t cut it and you need someone to talk to – I get it! Whether you have a couple of burning questions or you’re looking for someone to walk you through your social media challenges, my 1:1 consultations and group workshops can help.

Book a Power Hour

I can help you figure out exactly what you need to do next.


Who it’s for:
Need someone to talk to about your social media? Want to bounce ideas around, solve a problem, or be held accountable? If you just need a simple helping hand, a Power Hour is the perfect solution for you!

What’s included:
A Power Hour is  60 minutes of dedicated 1:1 time to discuss any area of social media you’re struggling with or want to improve upon. After our call, I’ll send you a summary of what we discussed and a video recording along with actions and tools I recommend so you can start using social media more effectively for your therapy business straight away.

Book a Nurture Package

Short term support to help you use social media more effectively for your therapy business.


Who it’s for:
Need more than an hour of support to walk through your social media challenges? For a block of ongoing support, a Nurture Package offers even better value!

What’s included:
My Nurture Package offers 3 hours of dedicated 1:1 time to discuss any area of social media you want to improve on. The 3 hours can be used anytime over a 3 month period in increments of 60 minutes. After our calls, I’ll send you a summary of what we discussed and a video recording along with actions and tools I recommend so you can use social media effectively for your therapy business.


Coming Soon.

Read more kind words from clients

  • Samantha was exactly the support I needed to feel more confident in my online voice! It is so good to find someone with her knowledge in the mental health profession! If you have anything holding you back from contacting her, please bite the bullet you won’t be disappointed.

    – Lennie, Counsellor
  • Working with Samantha has been incredible. At first, I didn’t even know what a social media manager actually meant. With time I got to understand that it is someone that posts for you on social media and gets your name/brand out there. But Samantha is much more than that. She is devoted, adaptable and extremely efficient. It is a joy working with her. She is very friendly and searches for ways to keep the posts exciting and creative. I highly recommend Samantha to anyone who wishes to see their business grow and work with someone kind, patient and highly professional.

    – Aaron, Psychotherapist
  • Samantha managed my social media presence with creativity, expertise and helpful suggestions which helped me improve my image, boost my connections and even helped with the layout of my new book, Hey! What About Me. She is an efficient assistant and excellent communicator. Samantha takes your posts and articles and turns them into response machines that get results.

    – Allan, Licensed Professional Counselor
  • I had a Power Hour from Samantha and honestly, it completely changed the way I looked at my social media. It’s something that I hate having to do and just wasn’t seeing results so I was getting very frustrated. Samantha’s advice and suggestions have turned it around and given me a new perspective and I’m seeing definite improvements! If your social media isn’t working for you then an hour spent with Samantha will be well worth the time and effort. She knows her stuff, is passionate about it and just wants what’s best for you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!

    – Gemma Ryan, Copywriter
  • Highly recommend Samantha. Had a Power Hour with her, which was well worth. it. Allowed me to see I was further on with my social media than I realised. And to identify some some tools and tweaks, to make my life easier. She walks her talk. Her own systems are seamless and easy to use, even for the mildly technophobic like me. I found her encouraging and inspiring, and hope to work with her again.

    – Alison Bale, Mindfulness Teacher
  • I highly recommend working with Samantha. From the first contact and throughout our campaign she was very professional, empathetic and had a very good understanding of the psychology profession’s landscape. She was able to help us craft a very well orchestrated campaign to our target market, with good engagement. I really appreciate how she was able to simplify a daunting process for me. If the opportunity presents itself I will work with Samantha again.

    – Hannes Wessels, Educational Psychologist
  • I really love and admire Samantha’s personality and work ethic. She is everything I could wish for in a Social Media Manager. Her constant support lightens my social media engagement workload so that I can really focus on my clients’ needs. Thank you so much Samantha you are God’s sent! My business is not holding me hostage because of your help.

    – Victoria Dada, Therapist
  • I’m so pleased that I had the opportunity to connect with Samatha she is so lovely and so approachable. I recently had an audit done on my Instagram page and it’s really highlighted just how many things I have overlooked. This service has been wonderful and so worth every penny. I received a step by step plan of things I needed to implement and it was so user friendly she really did make it simple for me and it took a lot of the overwhelm out. Thank you so much. ?

    – Kathryn, Therapist