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Audits & Set Up

Let me take a look at how you’re currently doing things and give you my expert opinion.

My range of standalone services include social media audits, hashtag research, and comprehensive social media strategies. They’re designed to give you the exact plan of action you need to make managing your own social media a whole lot simpler and much less overwhelming.

Social Media Audit

Make sure your social media profile is optimised and working for your therapy business.


Who it’s for:
A social media audit is for anyone who already has a social media profile and wants to ensure it’s optimised to attract and engage your ideal audience.

What’s included:
I will review each element of your social media profile (from your profile picture and contact info right through to the type of content you’re posting) and let you know exactly what’s working well and opportunities for improvement.

Hashtag Research

Grow your Instagram following by reaching a wider, more engaged audience.


Who it’s for:
Not sure how to use hashtags effectively? Don’t have time to research all the hashtags you might need for Instagram? My hashtag research is the perfect solution for you!

What’s included:
A minimum of 90 fully researched hashtags based on your business, services, audience and location, plus full instructions on how to use your hashtags for best effect.

Social Media Strategy

A comprehensive plan for managing your social media presence.

Investment starts at £500 - SPREAD THE COST AVAILABLE

Who it’s for:
You want a simple to understand but comprehensive plan for social media. Right now you might be feeling overwhelmed, and you want clear guidance on what to do and how to do it. 

What’s included:
From identifying which social media platforms you should focus on right through to what to post and when your bespoke social media strategy will provide you with a complete social media plan of action. Let’s chat and discuss your specific requirements. 

(Payment plans available to spread the cost of investment.)

Read more kind words from clients

  • Samantha was exactly the support I needed to feel more confident in my online voice! It is so good to find someone with her knowledge in the mental health profession! If you have anything holding you back from contacting her, please bite the bullet you won’t be disappointed.

    – Lennie, Counsellor
  • I feel so incredibly lucky to have Samantha on my team!!! She is an absolute rockstar, and provides support in too many ways for me to even count! Here are (just a few) of the things that Samantha provides on a daily basis: ?Creative and effective Social Media strategy ?Expertise in things that I find overwhelming ? Processes effortlessly put in place for things that I spent hours fretting over before ? A sounding-board who cares about my business and wants to know how we can make it grow ? Advice about how to make things smoother and run things better, given from an objective and insightful perspective ? A friendly, cheerful co-worker who consistently makes my days better! ? This is all a long way of saying: THANK YOU Samatha!! You are amazing! If you are considering working with Samantha, you should grab the chance while you can! She is wonderful to work with and will make a huge difference in the success of your business!

    – Sarah, Web Designer
  • Working with Samantha has been incredible. At first, I didn’t even know what a social media manager actually meant. With time I got to understand that it is someone that posts for you on social media and gets your name/brand out there. But Samantha is much more than that. She is devoted, adaptable and extremely efficient. It is a joy working with her. She is very friendly and searches for ways to keep the posts exciting and creative. I highly recommend Samantha to anyone who wishes to see their business grow and work with someone kind, patient and highly professional.

    – Aaron, Psychotherapist
  • Samantha managed my social media presence with creativity, expertise and helpful suggestions which helped me improve my image, boost my connections and even helped with the layout of my new book, Hey! What About Me. She is an efficient assistant and excellent communicator. Samantha takes your posts and articles and turns them into response machines that get results.

    – Allan, Licensed Professional Counselor
  • The ReLight team would like to extend a huge thanks to Samantha Dawkins of Koala VA. Samantha has been our social and digital guru, supporting ReLight’s growth this past year. She has been amazing from the start and we are really grateful for all the work she did for us, especially putting us on the digital map. Samantha specializes in supporting therapist’s social media growth and we highly recommend her. It has been a pleasure working together.

    – Rosie, Dramatherapist & Trainer
  • I’m so pleased that I had the opportunity to connect with Samatha she is so lovely and so approachable. I recently had an audit done on my Instagram page and it’s really highlighted just how many things I have overlooked. This service has been wonderful and so worth every penny. I received a step by step plan of things I needed to implement and it was so user friendly she really did make it simple for me and it took a lot of the overwhelm out. Thank you so much. ?

    – Kathryn, Therapist
  • Samantha is an absolute superstar! I recently bought her Instagram hashtag package, and I’m honestly blown away by the result. I know how important hashtags are, but I would never have the time to research them properly. Samantha has exceeded my expectations with the delivery of a very well thought out package. Really great services. If you use Instagram, you should definitely buy this package! ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    – Hannah, Copywriter